Ding Dong School For 4-5 Years old

Everyone can Ring!

always a course for you

Hong Kong Handbell Academy provide different courses for everyone, no matter if you are a children looking for a new hobby, or a teacher wanting to learn pedagogy, there is always a course for you!

ring the bell, share the joy!

Face-to-face courses

HKHA provide face-to-face handbell courses for all ages with different music background.

Take your time

Online Courses

We have turned our pedagogy courses to online courses, so that you can learn at your own pace.

For 4-5 Years old

Ding Dong School

With Colorbells and Belleplate, firming the foundation of music path with basic music training using interactive games.

For 5-12 Years Old

Hong Kong Children's Handbell Ensemble

Handbells, Handchime and Belleplate are used. Start reading music scores and learning intermediate concepts of music and interpretation.

for youth aged 12 or above

hong kong youth handbell ensemble

Established in 2005, the world-renowned ensemble aims to nuture new generation handbell performers by rigorous and systematic training.

for adult

Adult Handbell courses

Progress through the academy's adult course series, learning handbell ringing from the basics.