Hong Kong Children’s Handbell Ensemble

Hong Kong Children’s Handbell Ensemble

Founded in 2020, Hong Kong Children’s Handbell Ensemble aims to bring children aged 4-12 into the world of handbell music. The ensemble grouped ringers into Tin Ringers, Copper Ringers and Bronze Ringers according to their age range. Currently HKCHE has more than 40 ringers under the baton of Miss Peony Cheung and Miss Purdy Ng.

Referred to as Lang Lang Ensemble and Junior Handbell Ensemble, HKCHE was invited by various institutions to participate in public performances, charity shows and recordings, these includes:


  • Handbell Association of Hong Kong “Hong Kong Handbell Festival” Showcase Concert (2010)
  • Christmas Performance in Time Square, Causeway Bay (2010)
  • Hong Kong Handbell Academy 10th Anniversary Concert “Ring a Decade” (2014)
  • Performance for Eugene Group “Baby Show in Summer & Child Growth Education Expo (2014-2018)
  • Handbell Association of Hong Kong “Community Handbell Marathon” (2016-2018)
  • Opening Performance for Project Concern Hong Kong “Smiley Action Day cum Smiley Action Ambassador Scheme Kick-off Ceremony” (2017)
  • Taping for TVB “Kids, Think Big” (2018)
  • Hong Kong Handbell Academy Christmas Concert “14 Days to Christmas!” (2021)
  • Hong Kong Handbell Academy Christmas Concert "So La So Me” (2022)

In addition, the ensemble appears in the annual “Starry Ringer Showcase” concert, gaining stage experience and confidence while performing for different audiences.

Through high-level training, ringers can learn musical knowledge such as score reading and music theory, and strengthen their concentration, cooperation, communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills. We encourage ringers to explore and develop their interest in music to stimulate their independence. This plays a key role in their cognitive, social and emotional development.

Class Outline

Tin Ringers - Basic ringing technique and correct postures

- Rhythms under 4/4 time

- Identifying notes in music

- Understanding of music

- Basic sight-reading practices
Copper Ringers - Handchime Technique and correct postures

- Rhythms under 3/4, 2/4, and 2/2 times

- Introduction to music keys

- Ringing techniques for different music styles

- Consolidate sight-reading skills

- Bass Chime ringing technique
Bronze Ringers - Multiple bells technique and correct postures

- Rhythm under compound times

- Consolidate notes and keys knowledge

- Musically ringing songs by understanding the meaning behind

- Further consolidation on sight-reading Skills

- Bass bells ringing technique

Class Structure:

- Class held in ensemble ringing

- 1-hour course every Saturday

- 1-year rehearsals

- “Proof of participation” for ringers finishing 1-year class

- Join the Hong Kong Youth Handbell Ensemble through the training program upon reaching the age requirement


Hong Kong Children Handbell Ensemble - Training Program

Hong Kong Children’s Handbell Ensemble Training Program is opened for application now, sign up below!