Adult Handbell Courses

Adult Handbell Courses

Hong Kong Handbell Academy's Adult Handbell Courses provide step-by-step training for adult. Regardless of experience, all ringers learn the foundation of handbell and music theory and progress to advance technique and musical intrepretations. 

Handbell Beginner Course

Handbell Beginner course teaches the basic playing skills with handbell music from level 1 to 2**,focuses on the students’ control of handbell and the correct posture, rhythm and ensemble skills so that develop students' rhythm and group cooperation. The course will teach various handbell ringing techniques with different repertoires to make sure that students can enjoy the playing, in addition, the course will teach basic music knowledge.


Handbell Intermediate Course

Handbell intermediate course will practice the handbell music from level 3** to improve the students’ handbell performance skills, strengthen the difficulty of the music played with the different instruments. The students can further experience the diversity of handbell music and challenges. The course will teach advanced handbell skills and mixing use of different techniques. Part of the music will cooperate with handchime and belleplate, which students will practice to master the complex techniques.


Handbell Advanced Course

Handbell Advanced Course will teach the playing method and skills comprehensively with handbell music from level 4 to 5**, focus on the overall collaboration and the harmony achieved during the performance. As to music of level 5, students only can paly it when they reach to the performance level. The course teaches advanced handbell playing skills and complex skill-using with different styles of music. Handbell advanced course focus more on the process of music, the study of understanding the role of individual hand bell in the music and the sound control.

If you would like to join the adult class, please fill in the below contact form and we will get back to you shortly.


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