Schulmerich MelodyChime®

Schulmerich MelodyChime®

Schulmerich MelodyChime® Instruments (handchimes) are tuned aluminum tubes with fixed external clappers. Many handbell techniques can also be applied to handchimes. Handchimes produce a mellow tone and can be performed as an ensemble alone or rung in conjunction with handbells to enrich the textures and layers of the music. Because of Schulmerich’s relatively light weight, handchimes are more suitable for beginners aged over 6 to learn. Offering five octaves (61-notes, C3-C8) of innovation in handchimes. Our instruments are designed to set new standards for appearance, sound and durability.


Unmistakable Finish

Textured powder coating for long life and an easy grip, with ivory naturals and black accidentals for easy identification. Some instruments in the upper ranges are anodized instead, to maximize sustain. 

Handchimes are as easy as playing them

Pick one up, and you’re hooked. The feel is comfortable, light, and responsive. The sound is rich and clear, over five-octave range. The pitch is right on the money. The workmanship is first-rate. In short, you’ll think we put everything we’ve learned about handbells into MelodyChime® Instruments.。

Adjustable Clapper Head

Middle and high notes have six different timbre settings for flexible voicing.

Solid Shafts

Nickel-plated and built as solid as they sound from solid brass or aluminum, for long life and responsive feel.

Familiar Note Identification

Black with gold letters for accidentals, gold with black letters for naturals

Ergonomic Design

Octagonal tube fits comfortable in the hands.


Octave 2 3 4 5
Range of Chime G4-G6 C4-C7 G3-G7 C3-C8
No. of Chime 25 37 49 61
No. of case 1 2 3 4
Dimensions of case
Case 1 (G4-G6):
17-3/8 x 23 x 5
Case 2
(C4-F#4, G#6-C7):
17-1/2 x 23-1/4 x 4-7/8
Case 3
(G3-B3, C#7-G7):
16-1/2 x 37-3/4 x 5
Case 4*
(C3-F#3, G#7-C8):
20-1/2 x 40-7/8 x 5
Tool Kit 1 1 1 1