As an alternative form of music, handbell can be performed in various ways. Apart from ensemble ringing, it can be played in small groups or solo. It is also a suitable instrument to accompany choir, violin, cello, flute, guitar, organ, brass, percussion instruments and even orchestra. The form of handbell music is diversified since the ensembles performing can be conducted with various combinations. Thus, handbell can be used to play popular music, festival music, folk music and classical music.

Hong Kong Handbell Academy provides handbell performance and relevant services including music composing, professional ensembles, and instruments setting to meet all requests for your concerts. We also provide the one-stop and high quality service tailored for the preferences of the organizer, the number of the audience, and the performing sites to offer the audience a perfect and unique experience to enjoy handbell music.


Ensemble performance

Ensembles of Hong Kong Handbell Academy (Hong Kong Youth Handbell Ensemble, Hong Kong Children’s Handbell Ensemble) perform with 3 to 7 octaves set handbell, create multiple music texture and bring the audience an imposing atmosphere.


Small group performance

Small handbell groups include 2 to 6 sets of handbells, which is suitable for music for 2-4 octaves. Each performer must play several handbells simultaneously and finish their performance with perfect cooperation and graceful postures.


Handbell Solo performance

Handbell soloist use 1 to 3 octaves set handbell or a handbell tree to perform with piano or MMO accompaniment. Solo performance is feathered with the graceful posture of the handbell ringer.


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