Preschool Advanced Course

Course No.:SA180701

The course uses color table bell, color bell and belleplate as main training instruments, to strengthen children’s hand-eye coordination abilities, rhythmic senses and listening, develop their team spirits to make them understand its importance, especially lay foundation for the future study of handbell / handchime.

Course Target:Children between 4 and 6 years old, no experience is needed.

Date and Time: Class A: 15 Jul to 19 Aug(every Sun) 1:00-1:45pm
Class B: 16 Jul to 20 Aug (every Mon)11:00-11:45am
Class C: 18 Jul to 22 Aug (every Wed)2:00-2:45pm
Class D: 20 Jul to 24 Aug (every Fir)2:00-2:45/3:00pm
Course Fee: $750
Course Amount: 6 lessons Location: Hong Kong Handbell Academy
Course Period: 45 minutes for each class Extend Course: Ding Dong School