Ding Ling School

Course No.:DL180901

This course uses the colorful deskbell designed for children as the instruments. The colorful deskbell is bright colored and light-weighted, not only having a beautiful sound but also contributes to training young children’s flexible limbs coordination. The course not only cultivates children’s music sense, but also help them to develop the character of patient, concentrative, and willing to listen through group cooperation, especially having great help to children’s development. The course will use seven colors to replace the staff, practice light and simple music and increase children’s interest in music and creative thinking through a series of games and activities , make it easy for children to learn music knowledge, enhance the music and rhythm. During the learning of colorful handbell, promote young children’s brain and make body and mind get all-round development.

Course Target:Children from 3 to 4 years old

Date and Time: Start from 8 Sept, Every Saturday
4:15pm - 5:00pm
Course Fee: $1,600
Course Amount: 12 lessons Location: Hong Kong Handbell Academy
Course Period: 45 minutes for each class Extend Course: Ding Dong School is available to comprehensively study color bell and belleplate ringing methods and techniques.
Discount: The 10% Early-bird discount applies to all first-time enrollments.
The 10% discount applies to 2-person enrollment.
Maximum 19% discount applies both discount schemes.

Note: Students will award certificate when they finish Ding Ling course with 48 lessons.
In addition, students can set up a class with 4 or more and arrange time on their own.